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Uber for Beauty & Wellness

When there are a lot of services from different fields are out, when you can get the food delivered, ride sharing, the baby is taken care of and many, then why not massages, manicures, hair styling and makeup application is done right at your home by Uber for beauty and wellness? Sounds soothing right? Of course, it does. Why should beauty and wellness sit back as mere spectators when they have a lot to deal with this world? Uber for beauty & wellness concentrated on the field which is considered to be the biggest marketing with numerous opportunities after the food and health industry.

Who doesn't want to look beautiful and be the start of the party? You might have got to attend a big party tonight and can't reach out to get your hair done or for makeup application or your stylist might be booked for weeks and the party is around the corner. There comes the Uber for beauty and wellness and turns on the rescue. It enables you to avail services bestowing wellness. Now learn to heal dark circles in a night, a pimple in a pinch and ageing in a snap.

on-demand Beauty & Wellness app development
on-demand Beauty & Wellness app

On-Demand Beauty & Wellness App

The trending "On Demand" technology has boomed across the world, right from online ordering is food delivery to online dating services and for various daily essentials can be ordered through on-demand mobile apps. Beauty and wellness on-demand industry experts have also emerged with new technology by offering several beauty and wellness services on the go. It's just enough if you lay back in your couch and give some taps on your phone screen to let the work happen with ease. Uber came up with beauty and wellness on-demand app which deals with one of the most demanding services required by many people where style and trend are tending to be considered as the basic need inclusive in these days.

According to research and analysis by beauty and wellness experts, it has been observed that a woman spends approximately 2k to 3k monthly on beauty and wellness and working women might spend somewhat more. But the majority of working women prefers beauty and wellness services to be done at their doorstep, due to their busy schedule. Industry experts estimate beauty and wellness markets around $5 billion and gradually growing across the world.

Beauty and wellness on-demand app make it easy to deal with the beauty issues and makes the life a lot more simplified by providing the beauty and wellness at your doorstep. Appicial is a leading android app development company expertise in beauty & wellness app development.

On-Demand Beauty & Wellness App Features

This is a convenient way to get services done online. Let's check out now.

Service Selection: The admin or business owner can add, edit, update or delete services offered, once updated services will then get synced and displayed in the services offered section on the mobile app. The user can check-out services offered and select what services they need and can proceed further for scheduling an appointment.

Package Selection: Packages can be added either by admin, beauty expert or wellness expert along with pricing. User can choose individual services or whole packages depending upon their need. Once packages are published online it will be visible on a mobile app and the user can get needed packages booked with prior appointment.

Appointment Fixing: User needs to take prior appointment (online or via phone call) for services or packages they want. Appointments are given on availability basis which directly will be shown to the user by colour code Grey and Red respectively. Grey indicates user can book an appointment on that particular date, Red indicates that a particular date is booked an appointment can't be fixed.

Client Feedback and Review: Every online business requires review about their services offered depending upon which user can trust your services. Henceforth feedback and review system is implemented for customers who have purchased services or packages from the mobile app.

Customised Payment Option: Oops! No cash? No worries! That's quite alright and Uber offers customisation in selecting the payment option. Now go grab your debit card, credit card or choose any other payment method and get the payment done right then.

Accurate Time Tracking: This option would help you to trace out where the Beauty & Wellness is. It'll also let you know at what time does the Beauty & Wellness reach you exactly.

Launch App on Play Store: We’ll launch uber clone app and also make sure that they get approved on the respective stores. You’ll start to earn a better commission from the next day itself.

This can be done with great ease by the people in a few easy steps. Now, here you go with the description of the process through which your beauty sparkles and your brush blushes.


  • 1. Select service from our menu
  • 2. Give your contact and address details
  • 3. Set preferred service delivery time slot
  • 4. Doorstep service delivery at selected time slot


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Login/Register/Social Login(Facebook)

on-demand beauty and wellness application development

Categories & Sub Categories

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Service Detail & Description

on-demand beauty and wellness app development

Custom Services

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Change Service Option

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Confirmation With Service Details

on-demand beauty application development

Track Service Partner

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Pay With Card/Cash

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Call Customer Care

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Status Updates

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Call Your Beauty and Wellness Partner

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Additional Features of On-Demand Beauty & Wellness App

on-demand Beauty & Wellness app development

User Friendly

Our beauty & wellness app is user friendly. Very easy to use & with all age group people

Beauty & Wellness app development

Multilanguage & Currency

Our beauty & wellness app design and develop in multi-languages & multi-currency

Beauty & Wellness app development

Referral System

Our beauty & wellness app have a referral system in which user can easily refer this app to their friends & family members

uber Beauty & Wellness app development

Creative Design

Our beauty & wellness app have very creative and unique design

uber for Beauty & Wellness app development

Multiple Payment Options

The payment can be done with cash, cards, e-wallets, payment gateways

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Book Now or Schedule

You can instant book the order / Services, or Schedule it according to your time

Beauty & Wellness app development

100% Customizable

Our beauty & wellness app is easy to customize according to your requirements

on-demand Beauty & Wellness app development

Real Time Tracking

user can easily trak your requested order / services

What will you get?

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uber for Beauty & Wellness app development


uber for Beauty & Wellness app


uber Beauty & Wellness app development


uber for beauty app development


on-demand beauty and wellness app development
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