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All of us might have encountered situations where the repaired or dispatchable vehicles need to be towed by trucks. Unfortunately, not all cars break down in the middle of the city. Some might get damaged in the city's outskirts where we cannot get easy access to tow truck drivers. Uber for truck tow app comes up with truck tow drivers to assist the vehicle users or the organizations in towing the vehicles.

The tow truck operator talks with the dispatcher and dispatches the vehicle to the preferred place. The tow truck also offers hauling services. The tow truckers reach the place where an accident might have occurred. They connect the damaged vehicle to the towing truck and take it to the owner's home or the service station. The Towing app has enabled easy access for truck tow drivers at any time and anywhere.

Towing app development

What we offer in our Towing App

The industry greatly benefits from uber-like apps, making tracking and recording a wide array of business operations easy. First, you can choose an uber clone app to know the features and technical specifications. Then, you need to build a towing app. It reduces your manual effort in tracking towing vehicles, schedule bookings, and many other operations that are easy to manage with towing app development. In addition, you can customize many features when you contact a mobile app development company to pick the features.

Suppose you have to build a towing app with minimum possible functionalities, and you decide to go the conventional way trying to assemble the entire application. It would require a considerable time investment and end you up spending more. On the other hand, if you decide to go for a readymade app like HireMe, you can instantly reduce the estimated costs by a significant 75%. We sell towing apps on our website so that any startup can buy an app at a reasonable price.

Customer App Features

A feature-rich Customer App provides seamless services to your customer without any glitches and hitches.

View Nearby Tow Trucks

Customers can view the nearby available towing truck in real-time to cater their needs.

OTP On Trip Start

The customer will get a five-digit code in his app to provide to the driver to start towing.

Live Tracking

Customers will get real-time updates for booking accepted, driver arrival, and towing vehicle.

Chat Module

Once a request is booked and accepted by the driver, They can chat via text with each other.

Driver Details

Customers can view all the details related to the driver, like name, contact, and vehicle number.

Fare Estimation

Customers can view the detailed fare estimation for the services they opt for at the time of booking.

towing app


The Driver App is a most important part of a towing app. We provide most advanced features in our driver app.

tow truck app

Driver Documents

The driver will upload documents and they will be verified and approved through the admin panel to get ride requests.

Call / Chat

A driver can call/text the rider for any queries related to the ride.

Accept/Reject Ride

A driver can accept or reject the ride request received from riders within 30 seconds.


Drivers can see daily, monthly, and weekly earning reports, including all necessary details and payment methods.


A driver can view navigation from pick-up to destination.

Driver’s Availability

A driver can switch their availability (On/Off) anytime within the app.

Admin Panel Features

A fully functional, Mobile supported web based admin panel. Multilevel menu structuring, Live tracking on mobile and manage all Drivers, Customers, Transactions, Trips, Payments and other admin settings.

Revenue Manager

Admin can track daily, weekly, monthly and total earnings.

Roles Manager

Admin can create sub admins that will perform different roles as per their roles assignment.

Transaction Manager

Detail of all the trips including fare, driver and rider details.

Driver Document Verification

Admin will approve the documents uploaded by driver.


Admin can track daily reports & transactions by using multiple filter options.

Wallet Manager

Admin can manage all transactions using wallet.

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Login / Register / Social Login

Categories & Sub Categories

Confirmation With Service Details

Track Your Truck Towing

Pay With Card / Cash

Call Your Truck Towing

Status Updates


Key Features On Demand Towing App


We offered different languages in our app. Therefore, it will help to solve the customer's communication concerns.


We integrated with many popular payment gateways with multiple payment methods such as credit/debit cards, in-app wallets, etc.

Service Categories

Customers can select the service from available options like Flat Tire, Fuel, Battery, Lockout etc.

Promo Code

Customers can use the promo code to get an extra discount on the total fare amount. The promo code manages through the admin panel.


We integrate numerous local currency integration features to provide more easy services to your customer.

Real-Time Tracking

The customer can get the real-time status of the driver like, on the way, estimated arrival time, etc.

Reviews and Ratings

A customer can give reviews and ratings at the end of the service as per their experience.

Book Now or Later

A customer can book a tow truck Or schedule by using the calendar with a later date and time by using the "book later" option.

On-Demand Towing App

on demand truck tow app

There are a lot of services that are available online in the current day scenario. Uber always tries to bestow the people with all the required services at home. The on-demand towing app is one of the prime and advantageous concepts. It offers truck towing services to people who need them at any time, anywhere. It doesn't matter if your vehicle got broken down or you need to dispatch your car somewhere else. You can now easily access a tow truck driver. You need to install the on-demand truck tow app, enter your details, and pin your location. Soon after, you will have information about all the truck operators near you. If you are a tow truck driver, you can now create your towing app. This way, you can get into your customers' access to increase your earnings.

Appicial is a leading iPhone app development company in India expertise in towing app development. We’ll launch the towing app and make sure that they get approved in the respective stores. So you'll start to earn a better commission from the next day itself.

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Why Use Appicial's Towing App

  • towing appWhite label, Pre-built solution
  • on demand towing app100% Customizable
  • towing scriptFaster Algorithm
  • towing appMulti-location Support (multi-city)
  • on demand towing appSecure with OAuth 2.0
  • towing scriptBest Algorithm designed to improve user experience
  • towing appUser-friendly UI/UX
  • on demand towing appLower User Waiting Time
  • towing scriptSetup of Server, Installation & Deployment
  • towing appApp Launch on both iOS and Android
  • on demand towing appFree Technical Support
towing app

Towing App FAQS

Here you find most frequently ask questions about towing app.

To buy our towing mobile app, you just need to place an order and we will deploy over ios/android app free-of-cost on your servers/app stores.
If you want to develop towing app from the right company, you need to get an overview of the client testimonials left for companies. You can check if a business is dealing in customized or on-demand app solutions. You can hire our dedicated developers for getting supreme quality products at a very reasonable price.
Yes, You will get full ownership of license base source code.
Yes, Our application can be customized to any extent to serve the On-Demand service business model. We provide Design and Backend Customisation as per business requirements.
Our Ambulance App solution is pre-built, tested and deployed on app stores, We completely value your requirements and we make sure to work on strict deadlines and complete the project in less than 7 Working days as per your brand name, logo and deploy on app store or play store.
Now, the application is built in the English language. However, this can be in a multilingual platform. We have already implemented - Arabic, Filipino, Urdu, Bangla, etc.
Write to us through Email/Live chat or call us for a live demo of apps and web admin panel.
There is a team of technical experts for support. We maintain constant communication with you to assist with issues and optimization. Just leave a message at info@appicial.com or call on +91-886-021-3347.
We have implemented multiple payment options as per country.
Stripe - United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand
Knet - kuwait
eZ-cash - Sri lanka
Brain tree - North America, Europe, Asia & Australia
Paypal - Africa, America, Asia Pacific, Europe
All are Native apps.
iOS App - Swift and Objective C
Android App - Java
Admin Panel - PHP
Yes, we can add custom features as per client requirements after the product purchase. You can contact us at info@appicial.com for the customization.
There is a team of technical experts for support. We maintain constant communication with you to assist with issues and optimization. Just leave a message to info@appicial.com or Call / WhatsApp us on  +91-886-021-3347.

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