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The services of orders and deliveries via online applications and panels are the most significant concept that a food company can come up with to thrive in the modern industry. Following the Covid-19 disaster, the internet platform has become an absolute need for food retailers. Furthermore, it provides a chance to increase the number of shop locations.

Essentially, Rappi Clone is a method for converting a conventional company into an online business management system that is flexible enough to be accepted by any meal delivery company. The modules are entirely equipped with the most up-to-date features, allowing them to meet the needs of any company.

They provide systems that give earning insights and real-time monitoring of service status, allowing you to fight against solid competition while also increasing overall company efficiency. Apps such as Rappi assist in enhancing management processes by providing realistic apps and panels that can be used to promote your activities across various nations and expand the business's reach.

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Rappi clone

On-Demand Delivery Startups

Build A Rappi Clone App For Your Region

Get a custom on-demand On-Demand delivery app development solution by Appicial Applications.

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Boost Your Online On-Demand Delivery Business

A hassle-free On-Demand ordering app experience for your customers & double your revenue.

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Single Shop

Launch Your Own Mobile App For Your Shop

Let your customers contact you directly through your shop mobile app

Rappi Clone App Solution

You will get 6 Mobile apps over iOS/Android, 3 level Web based admin panel including website for Store services and dynamic menu.


  • iOS app for Customers.
  • Android app for Customers.


  • iOS app for Store.
  • Android app for Store.


  • iOS app for Delivery Agent.
  • Android app for Delivery Agent.


  • Admin needs to approve stores.
  • Approve and verify delivery agents.

Rappi Clone App Features

Customer App Features

Get ready to launch your own on-demand multi delivery app for your targeted customers. Your customers will love to order their multi items in a few simple taps from nearby multi stores.

Login / Registration

Customer can login and register through social media accounts.

Create Profile

Customer can create a profile by adding details including name, email Id, contact number, password, and address.

Reviews and Rating

Customer can give reviews and rating to the store and grocery items.

Smart Search

Customer can use filters & sorting options to search for grocery items.

Live Tracking

Customer will get real-time updates for your order status.

Promo Code

Customer can use promo code to get an extra discount on the total amount, and promo code is managed by through admin panel.

Self Pickup

Customer can self pickup grocery items from a nearby store as per his convenience.

Multiple Payment Methods

Customer can choose any payment mode like credit card, cash or wallet.

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Create a hassle-free experience for store owners to receive, approve, and dispatch orders from the user-friendly store app.

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Order Dashboard

Store can check all orders information in order dashboard.

Edit/Update Profile

Update store profile like name,address, working hours, photos, and more.

Promo Code Management

Store add new promo codes and deals to reward existing customers.


Store can see the earning reports on a daily, monthly and weekly basis, including all necessary details and payment methods.

Review Management

Store can see all the customer reviews and reply on it.

multi Items

Store can add or modify their grocery items, prices, and minimum order payment.

Customer Details

Store can view useful information on their online customer base.

Send Request To Delivery Agent

Store can only send request to delivery agent associated with them. Store can select delivery agent manually also.

Delivery App Features

Delivery agent get a delivery request in his delivery app from Store to pickup order. Driver must be associated with the Store.

Delivery Request

Delivery agent can start getting ride requests from the nearby stores after approval.

Delivery Information

Delivery agent get all information about order pickup and drop location.

Call / Chat

Delivery agent can call / text to customer for any queries related to the order.

Delivery Agent’s Availability

Delivery agent can switch their availability anytime to Online / Offline.

Edit/Update Profile

Delivery agent update their profile add name, address and contact details.


Delivery agents track their earnings, commission and payments in delivery app.

Delivery Agent’s Multiple Shifts

Delivery Agent can work in multiple shifts (Day & Night) to make more money.

Deactivate Profile

Delivery Agent can deactivate their profile through the app.

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Admin Panel Features

A fully functional, Mobile supported web based admin panel. Multilevel menu structuring, Live tracking on mobile and manage all Stores, Delivery agents, Orders, Transactions, Payments and other admin settings.

Rappi clone app

Store Manager

Admin can add and manage all stores on the same platform to assure robust supply.

Reviews Manager

View and access customer reviews for stores, flag poor-performing Stores, and maintain standards.

Offers Manager

Create new offers, deals, and discounts. Get approved deals from partner stores.


Set Store commission rates varying as per Store partners. Choose from different payment options accepted globally and make payments.

Category Manager

Admin can make different categories for stores to add new grocery items.

Order Manager

Admin can use key metrics to check on all the orders processed through the platform.

Notification Manager

Admin can manage app, SMS, and email notification settings for partners and customers.

Customer Manager

Admin can view details of all the app customers, orders, and much more.

Rappi Clone App Development

  • Google Maps Integration

  • Price Configuration according to your Store

  • Order Customization

  • Multiple Payment Methods

Rappi clone

  • Fully Responsive

  • Promo Codes and Offers Management

  • Delivery Charge Management

  • Works 24 X 7 seamlessly

How do a Rappi Clone App Works

The Rappi clone software includes well-featured modules for applications and panels, allowing for a smooth workflow in the restaurant industry. In exchange for their contributions to the company’s operations, all users get a customized experience. The process is explained in detail in the following steps:

Step 1: Browsing & Searching

A user navigates through the app and selects the delivery service they want from among the many options available. They may place their orders and provide information about their delivery location.

Step 2: Order Placement

Order requests will be received by store owners, who will then begin processing them. Once they have completed the preparation of the orders, they will pass them to the delivery executives who have been appointed.

Step 3: Preparing & Packaging

Orders allocated to them for delivery will be picked up by delivery executives when they arrive at the shops.

Step 4: Live Tracking

Once the order has been picked up, delivery executives will travel to the user's location with the assistance of a GPS-enabled navigation system and bring the package to their doorsteps on the scheduled delivery date.

Step 5: Delivery

Users will be informed of the progress of their orders at all times. They may evaluate the delivery service they received after getting their demands, which will help to improve the service in the future.

Step 6: Reviews & Rating

Following delivery, customers may review and provide comments on the items offered by the store and the delivery agents who made the delivery.

So, that’s How Rappi Works!

What Does Appicial Offer


With the Rappi clone app development services, we guarantee that you can create a sophisticated all-in-one delivery service platform that enables the customers to have all of their items delivered directly to their doorsteps without the need for other services. Our applications are 100 percent responsive and accessible on both the Android and iOS platforms, allowing the consumers to utilize the app on the platform that is most convenient for them, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Our support staff at Appicial will contact you to learn more about your company strategy and its needs for your website. We will study your specialty and brainstorm to create a complete app development strategy following a thorough investigation. First and foremost, we will customize the ready-made Rappi-like app clone to meet your specific company requirements. As a result, we make sure that the app's design is straightforward so that end users can move through it with ease.

The back end of the app has been designed to meet the requirements of your company. All of the essential features and limitless data storage are kept under control, allowing for the app to run smoothly at all times. The software has been submitted for publication in the app shops, including the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. Once the app fulfils its requirements, it will be made available for use immediately.



  • rappi clone

    Mobile Apps

    You get six Mobile applications over iOS/Android in our Multi delivery app development solution.

  • rappi clone script

    Admin Panel

    A fully functional, Mobile supported web-based admin panel. Multilevel menu structuring, Live tracking on Mobile and manage all Orders, Transactions, Payments and other admin settings.

  • rappi clone app

    100% Customizable

    Our rappi clone is fully customizable. The solution comes with advanced features including enhancements, and integrations.

  • rappi clone app development

    Payment Options

    Our on-demand Multi delivery app has multiple payment gateways with built-in support for well-known gateways.

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Why Use Appicial For Rappi Clone App

  • rappi cloneWhite label, Pre-built solution
  • rappi clone script100% Customizable
  • rappi clone appFaster Algorithm
  • rappi cloneSecure with OAuth 2.0
  • rappi clone appBest Algorithm designed to improve user experience
  • rappi cloneUser friendly UI/UX
  • rappi clone appSetup of Server, Installation & Deployment
  • rappi clone scriptApp Launch on both iOS and Android
  • rappi clone appFree Technical Support
rappi clone

Rappi Clone App FAQS

Here you find most frequently ask questions about rappi Clone App.

To buy our rappi clone app, Drop an email and our team will contact you. Then, we will deploy Customer App, Restaurant App, Delivery Agent App over ios/android free-of-cost on your servers/app stores. Besides this, the backend database and admin panel are hosted on an AWS server. Admin has complete access to the data generated.
YES, Our rappi clone can be customized to any extent to serve the On-Demand service business model. We provide Design and Backend Customisation as per business requirements.
Yes, you will get 100% ownership rights of your on-demand Multi delivery app on the day of delivery. You will own complete source code and a fully white-label solution.
Our rappi clone is pre-built, tested and deployed on app stores. We completely value your requirements and we make sure to work on strict deadlines and complete the project in less than two weeks (Working days) as per your brand name, logo and deploy on the app store or play store.
We offer the best pricing during development keeping in mind the budget constraints for small and midsize organizations, without hampering product quality. Pricings are customized as per your business requirements.
Please write to us through Email/Live chat or call us for a live demo of apps and web admin panel. Just leave a message to info@appicial.com or Call / WhatsApp us on +91-886-021-3347.
Yes, we can add custom features as per client requirements after the product purchase. You can contact us at info@appicial.com for the customization.
We have implemented multiple payment option as per country.
Stripe - United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand
Knet - kuwait
eZ-cash - Sri lanka
Brain tree - North America, Europe, Asia & Australia
Paypal - Africa, America, Asia Pacific, Europe
What languages does this application support? Now, the application is built in the English language. However, this can be on a multilingual platform. We have already implemented - Arabic, Filipino, Urdu, Bangla, etc.
There is a team of technical experts for support. We maintain constant communication with you to assist with issues and optimization. Just leave a message at info@appicial.com or call on +91-886-021-3347.
All are Native apps.
iOS App - Swift and Objective C
Android App - Java
Admin Panel - PHP
There is a team of technical experts for support. We maintain constant communication with you to assist with issues and optimization. Just leave a message to info@appicial.com or Call / WhatsApp us on  +91-886-021-3347.
Free service support includes issues/bugs fixing if there would be anything. We will guide you if any support is required in using the platforms. But the free service support does not include any additional feature requirements.
Yes, we do include additional paid support packages that extend the time validity after 3 months. According to the business requirements, you can extend technical support for any amount of time.

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