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taxi app workflow

Login & Register


Driver/Rider can register via

Mobile number and OTP (one time password sent via SMS)

Other possible options

Mobile number and password + mobile number verification via OTP

Email id and password

Social media accounts like Facebook, Google or Linkedin

Whatsapp message integration option available.

uber app workflow
taxi app flow

Side Menu

The rider has menu options like trip history, payments, wallet management, edit profile, share, referrals, and view notification features.

The driver has menu options like manage uploaded documents, trips history, wallets statement, daily and monthly earnings, share, referrals and view notification features.

uber app flow
taxi app flow

Home Screen

Select / Enter Location Details

The default pickup location will be the rider's current location. A rider can change the pickup location and drop location by entering the address or moving the pointer on the map, and the location will be filled automatically.

Driver’s Availability

Driver can switch their availability anytime to Online /Offline. The driver would not receive a ride request while his availability is offline.

uber app flow

Vehicle Details and Upload Documents

Vehicle Details

The driver will add the vehicle details like brand name, model, manufacturing year, registration number, and upload vehicle picture.

Upload Documents

This feature provides security against drivers; drivers have to upload their documents like Id proof, license, and registration certificate to be on board. The admin can manage these documents dynamically. All updated information along with the uploaded documents will be shown on the admin panel for approval and verification.

uber app flow
uber app flow

Book A Ride

After entering the location, rider can choose the vehicle category from the available vehicle category list like hatchback, sedan, mini, or SUV.

After category selection, an estimated fare will be shown with the base fare, ETA time and distance, traffic condition basis on pickup and drop off location.

Rider can apply promo code for the discounts. Rider will choose to book the ride for now or schedule a ride for a later date and time.

taxi app flow

Request for Ride

Find Driver

When the rider confirms the booking, a ride request will be sent to the nearest online available drivers in the specific range area (admin can set the radius).

New Request

Drivers will get the new booking request notification with sound. They can accept/reject the booking request.

uber app flow
uber app flow

Confirm Booking

Request Accepted

The driver will accept the trip request. The driver gets rider details like name and contact number.

Confirm Booking

When the driver accepts the trip request, a booking confirmation notification will be sent to the rider.

uber app flow
taxi app flow

Rider Gets Driver Details and Ride Status

Driver Details

After the trip is accepted, rider gets driver details like driver name and vehicle details like image, plate no. and vehicle type. Rider and driver can do the Chat and call with each other.

Ride Status

The rider will get notification messages about every state and when the driver is near the pick up location.

Driver Arrived and Pick-up

Driver Arrived

Driver will be reached to the pick up location and mark the status as arrived.

Rider Pick-up

Rider will get the driver arrival notification.

uber app flow
uber app flow

OTP and Begin the Ride

OTP On Trip Start

After the driver arrived, The rider app shows a 5 digit OTP that rider will provide to the driver at the time of start the ride.


After entering the five digit OTP, the driver will mark the ride status as pickup.

uber app flow

Rider Reached Destination

Rider Not Reached

If the rider does not reach the destination, the driver will enter the reason and end the trip.

Cancel The Ride

Riders and drivers can cancel a trip for any reason. Cancellation fee will be applied.

uber app flow

Waiting Time and End Ride

Waiting Time

If the rider wants to wait for someone or buying something while on the trip, then driver can click on "start waiting" button, and the waiting time will start. The total Waiting time will be logged and will be added to the fare calculations.

End Ride

When the rider reached the drop location, the driver can end the trip.

uber app flow
uber app flow

Payments for Ride

Payment for Ride

Rider have multiple payment options to pay the amount like card, cash and wallet.

Payment confirmation Notification

After the successful payment by rider, driver gets a notification message for the rider paid successfully.

uber app flow
uber app flow

Fare Summary

The rider can view all the details, including the total distance, time, amount to be paid, and promo code.

The driver can view all the details, including the total distance, time, wait time, ride cost, taxes, and promo code.

uber app flow
uber app flow

Reviews and Ratings

Rider / Driver

After completing the ride, both rider and driver can rate depending on their ride experience. They also have the option to submit feedback to each other.

uber app flow
uber app flow

Trip History

Rider / Driver

Rider and driver can view all the rides completed and cancelled, including pick-up and drop location details, fare amount, and time.

uber app flow


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taxi app workflow