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Take Your Taxi Business To The Next Level Through Cabify like Taxi App

Booking a taxi was way daunting a few decades ago which would mean approaching travel and tour operators. But, in a fast-paced technology-driven life that we live today, everything has become possible at the click of a button. Modern day people want everything to happen quickly, including transportation services. Cabs or taxis have become indispensable parts of our lives today. The busy traffic scenes and heavy commotion is one of the main reasons people ditch their own vehicles and prefer travelling through cabs.

If you are one of the aspiring entrepreneurs thriving to make it big in the taxi industry, going for a readymade clone script is one of the most reliable ways to get started. We at Appicial, make this possible by building an on-demand taxi app using our fully white- labelled taxi clone script called ‘Cabify’.

How A Taxi Clone Script Like Cabify Is Beneficial To Your Business?

Less Time

While traditional app development takes months of rigorous planning to turn a custom taxi app to reality, a taxi clone app script does the same in weeks. The quick turnaround time lets business start their new ventures as quickly as possible without relying on the IT team.

Cost Effective

Developing an on-demand taxi booking application from scratch is not only cumbersome but also requires a considerable cost investment.

Clone scripts do away with the need to spend huge as they are economical and save resources and money. This can be a huge relief to entrepreneurs or companies who are just starting out their business and are deficient on resources.

Quick, Easy And Hassle-Free Launch

A lot of planning, thinking and labour go behind developing a custom app right from start. Clone Scripts like Cabify, on the other hand, do away with this rigorous hard work and planning as a structure or a blueprint is already ready with the team. Using the script, app development, as well as deployment, happens faster and lets business take hold of the business easier and faster.

Customisation And Scalability

No two business are alike, and having said that we make sure that our Cabify clone script is fully available for customisation. Business requirements can change any time and we at Appicial not only help business scale big but also adapt to changing requirements in no time. We can customise your own demand app build using Cabify Taxi Script and make it fully white labelled as per your needs.

Cabify Taxi Clone Script Package comes with a passenger as well as driver interface along with an admin panel. It has some robust features such as live tracking, geographical location search, advance booking, emergency support etc. that helps to build a power pack on-demand taxi app. To add on, it is fully white labelled and open to customisation that can help the business deliver scalable, fast and safe taxi booking service to their customers. Sign up for a demo or give us a call right away to help you get started.

Key Features That Make Taxi App One Of A Kind

The HireMe Taxi Clone Application has been developed using our native taxi application builder. The Cabify Taxi Clone script has been fully tested and is completely bug free. Our team prioritizes your business requirements allowing for full customisation.

Our Cabify Taxi Clone App popular with the name “HireMe Taxi” offers some very advanced and customised features which can be further tailor made as per your business requirement.

Right from options to choose from various cars and drivers available at a location, to accepting and rejecting rides, HireMe Taxi has everything consolidated within it that is required to run an online taxi business.

  • The app has an attractive user interface where customers can experience seamless riding experience right from pickup to destination.
  • The support for Geo-location based technology makes it further easy for drivers to allow customer pickup and drop.
  • This on-demand riding application is well equipped with all the utility features allowing a taxi running business to offer the best customer experience without any hurdle in the journey.
  • Location based availability of cabs within the reach of customers 24/7 anywhere, allows for a hurdle free riding experience without burning a hole in the pocket of customers.

On-Time Delivery Guaranteed

Unlike our competitors, we don’t keep you waiting for months to get your application built. Our dedicated team of experts let you get your apps ready with all the features within a promised time frame.

You can contact us to buy cabify clone app and can also review it once it’s ready. We immediately start the process of “launch and upload” on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store once we get your approval.

What we offer in our Cabify Clone Script for Taxi Business?

People prefer taxi services for a variety of reasons and this gives endless opportunities to entrepreneurs. Developing an app from scratch costs a fortune. So, availing a customizable Cabify like app software is a better option and this is possible at an affordable price. Building a taxi booking application from scratch is not as easy as it sounds. In addition to huge costs involved, replicating a development model like Uber requires a team of dedicated developers who can bring an app to reality. However, the good news is an Cabify Clone App development is possible through a readymade script of Uber popularly known as HireMe Taxi. Purchasing our readymade Uber Clone Script can help you accelerate your taxi app development at lightning speed and drastically reduced costs. In addition, the script is fully customisable and white labelled.

Suppose you have to build an Uber App Clone with minimum possible functionalities and you decide to go the conventional way trying to assemble the entire application. This would not only require huge time investment put also end you up spending more. On the other hand, if you decide to go for a readymade script like HireMe Taxi, you can instantly reduce the estimated costs by a significant 75%. HireMe Taxi app for sale on our website, so any travel startup, travel agency can buy taxi app or uber clone source code on our website at affordable price.

Passenger App Features

A feature-rich Passenger App provides seamless services to your passengers without any glitches and hitches.

Chat Module

Once a Ride is booked and accepted by driver, Drivers and Riders can have Chat via text with each other.

Vehicle Categories

Rider can select the vehicle from available options like hatchback, sedan, mini, or suv.

OTP On Trip Start

Customer will get a 4 digit code in his app that he has to provide to the driver to start the ride.

Rent A Car

It allows riders to book a vehicle on an hourly basis or for the whole day without the hassle of booking multiple rides.

Outstation Bookings

This feature allows the user to book a taxi or cab for outstation trips.

Live Tracking

Rider will get real-time updates for ride accepted, driver arrival, begin ride, end ride or cancel.

Cabify clone

Cabify clone app
Cabify clone script Cabify clone Cabify clone app Cabify clone script Cabify clone


The Driver App is a most important part of a taxi booking app. We provide most advanced features in our driver app.

Cabify clone

Driver Documents

Driver will upload documents (ID proof, License, Registration number), and it will be verified and approved through the admin panel to get ride requests.

Call / Chat

Driver can call / text to rider for any queries related to the ride.

Accept/Reject Ride

Driver can accept or reject the ride request received from riders within 30 seconds.


Drivers can see the earning reports on a daily, monthly and weekly basis, including all necessary details and payment methods.

Driver’s Multiple Shifts

Driver can work in multiple shifts (Day & Night) to make more money.

Driver’s Availability

A driver can switch their availability (On/Off) anytime within the app.

Cabify clone taxi app

Admin Panel Features

A fully functional, Mobile supported web based admin panel. Multilevel menu structuring, Live tracking on mobile and manage all Drivers, Riders, Transactions, Trips, Payments and other admin settings.

Revenue Manager

Admin can track daily, weekly, monthly and total earnings.

Roles Manager

Admin can create sub admins that will perform different roles as per their roles assignment.

Transaction Manager

Detail of all the trips including fare, driver and rider details.

Driver Document Verification

Admin will approve the documents uploaded by driver.


Admin can track daily reports & transactions by using multiple filter options.

Wallet Manager

Admin can manage all transactions using wallet.

Cabify clone

Cabify clone app Cabify clone script

Customer Website (Web Apps) For Ride Booking

Customers can book rides for them or others using the website (web app).

Login / Registration

Customer can register through the website and log in with their registered cre-dentials. Customer can use the same login credentials to login into the apps.

Create Profile

Customer can create and manage their profiles with the right to edit all details and upload a profile picture also.

Ride Booking Requests

Customer can book ride for now or later. In ride later, customer will select the later date and time along with pickup and drop-off location.

Booking History

Customer can view the details of all the completed, cancelled rides. Also, customer can cancel the ride before ride start.

User Wallet

Customer can “Add Money” to the wallet. Also can view the history of all the payment transactions.

Fare Estimates

Customer can see the fare estimates including the total distance, time, taxes and base fare of the selected vehicle category.

Export Data

Customer can export all the ride history in CSV format or can take a print.

Cabify clone

Taxi Booking Form

Cabify clone

Booking History

Cabify clone script

Customer Wallet

Cabify clone app

Why Use HireMe Taxi App?

  • Cabify clone taxi appWhite label, Pre-built solution
  • Cabify clone app100% Customizable
  • Cabify clone scriptFaster Algorithm
  • Cabify cloneMulti-location Support (multi-city)
  • Cabify clone taxi appSecure with OAuth 2.0
  • Cabify clone scriptOptimised – Best Algorithm designed to improve user experience
  • Cabify clone scriptUser friendly UI/UX
  • Cabify clone appLower User Waiting Time
  • Cabify clone scriptSetup of Server, Installation & Deployment
  • Cabify cloneApp Launch on both iOS and Android platforms
  • Cabify clone appFree 12 Months Technical Support
Cabify Clone


Request For Demo

HireMe Taxi App FAQS

Here you find most frequently ask questions about HireMe Taxi

To buy our taxi app solution, Drop an email and our team will contact you then we will deploy both driver and passenger app over ios/android free-of-cost on your servers/app stores. Besides this, the backend database and admin panel are hosted on an AWS server. Admin have complete access to the data generated.
Yes, You will get full ownership of license base source code.
YES, Our application can be customized to any extent to serve the On-Demand service business model. We provide Design and Backend Customisation as per business requirements.
Our taxi app solution is pre-built, tested and deployed on app stores, We completely value your requirements and we make sure to work on strict deadlines and complete the project in less than 1 week (Working days) as per your brand name, logo and deploy on app store or play store.
Now, the application built in the English language. However, this can be in multilingual platform. We have already implemented - Arabic, Filipino, Urdu, Bangla
Write us through Email/Live chat or call us for live demo of apps and web admin panel.
- Install both driver and passenger app on different mobiles from play/app store using below links:
iOS App URLs:
Passenger - Click Here
Driver - Click Here
Android App URLs:
Passenger - Click Here
Driver - Click Here

- Register using Email id and logged in.
After log in, Enable GPS to track your current location.

- In Driver App, login into Admin Panel to verify driver.
Goto "Driver Management" - Make "Is Verified" as true to enable driver to logged in into the app.

Web Admin Panel: Request For Demo
There is a team of technical experts for support. We maintain constant communication with you to assist with issues and optimization. Just leave a message to or call on +120-4777-366.
We have implemented multiple payment option as per country. Stripe - United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand Knet - kuwait eZ-cash - Sri lanka Brain tree - North America, Europe, Asia & Australia Paypal - Africa, America, Asia Pacific, Europe
All are Native apps iOS app - Objective C Android app - Java Admin Panel - PHP
There is a team of technical experts for support. We maintain constant communication with you to assist with issues and optimization. Just leave a message to or Call / WhatsApp us on  +91-886-021-3347.
cabify taxi clone app
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